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This site has been sorely neglected...due mostly to the fact that I was in school working on my Master's Degree. In fact, I started working on it in December, 2008, and just put the blog on the back burner. I can tell by how the posts all of a sudden stopped around that time.

Well, now that I'm finished with school, I should be able to start writing again.

For all those fans that have been contacting me about this site...thanks for being patient and...

Stay Tuned!


Sunday, November 22, 2009


Wowsy...this blog is in need of some serious updating...I need to hop to it!


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This story is currently under construction...but check back in a few promises to be interesting!


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Sunday, July 27, 2008



Well, after the shoot was all over and we were back home, we knew what was lying ahead...the editing of the film and posting of the pictures.

I left all that to hubby to tackle. Slowly he began to go through the film and capture pictures. He had to reread each reply post, and then grab the pictures that pertained to that request. It was a tedious process, as there were special requests or gestures that he needed to make sure were in the pictures that he was capturing. It took over a week to do all of it.

At the same time I was taking each individual request from the forum post, putting them on a word document and editing them with html text, so that all we would have to do would be to copy and paste the request on the thread and post their pictures underneath it. We thought it would be cool to have it that way, and then the other viewers could see the request and the resulting pie. We also thought about attaching the reply pictures to the original post, but thought that it might take too long to go through, or possibly that the band width might not support it.

We were ready to leave for vacation in a few days...a much needed rest. We wanted to make sure all the pictures were posted by then; we did not want that hanging over our heads when we got back. But we wanted to get them out there in time so that we could see the response. We finally posted them on the UMD forum...670 images, over a span of 7 days...each day's post taking about about 2 hours of time. Finally we were finished! It felt great! And the response was awesome! Everyone had such nice comments about the pictures...and seemed so appreciative too.

We also thought it would be nice to post a comment from each of us about the whole process.

So I posted:
"Wow! This has been absolutely amazing! When we first came up with the idea, we thought it was pretty unique…and it was! But planning and executing something of this magnitude began to sink in after we closed down the voting. 119 replies! 119 pies! What were we thinking?

Purchasing and storing the supplies, finding the right location (now I know why running a WAM business from home would be a lot easier), the expense, the preparation as well as the clean up, were nothing ,compared to taking the time to look back over all the requests, capturing the video frames to reflect those requests, transferring, then posting the original replies along with the pics. It literally took us a week to do, in addition to the running of our ‘regular’ household.

But when it was all said and done, we were quite proud of our ‘little production’. It was fun and exciting, besides being labor intensive.

Now it is time for me to express a few thanks for all of the help I received to pull this thing off.

First, thanks to the, for providing the venue to post our topic and idea. Next, a special thanks to the moderators who helped with all the duplicate posts, the changes to the thread, as well as their patience with all my emails and chats! Middy, Bob and Lib (and anyone else who may have helped that I didn’t know about), you were great! I sure did create some extra work for you that weekend! Sorry!

Next, to the forum members who responded to, as well as viewed my thread. Without you, this would not have been a success. I appreciate your participation, your nice comments and wonderful accolades.

And finally, to my hubby…my producer, director, screenwriter, photographer, grunt guy, pie wrangler and pie thrower, as well as film editor. I don’t know if you really know how grateful I am for all of this. I couldn’t have done it without you! There would not be a piegirl if not for you! Love always…


P.S. Maybe we’ll do this again sometime! How about the ‘First Anniversary’ shoot?!!! Ha Ha!!!'

And hubby posted:
'60 cans of shaving cream.....X no. of dollars
Tarps.....X no. of dollars
Hotel room.....X no. of dollars
Pie shells.....X no. of dollars

Piegirlkay laying in that kiddy pool.....Priceless

Well Mudbuddy, you stole my thunder!!!

...but like you said to me on YIM, "Someone had to do it." So credit to you and here is what I was going to post to the thread...

Tarps, shower curtains, white chair, garbage bags, kiddie pool, buckets...$95.00
Pie shells, shaving cream, chocolate brownie batter, pancake syrup, cake batter...$180.00
See through black top, celebration dinner, 2 nights stay at local hotel...$260.00
Hard Drive Digital video camera, tripod, editing software*... $625
Grabbing and posting 670 lost week of time

Getting to pie my wife 120 times…FUCKING PRICELESS!!!

* we needed a new vid cam anyway!'

And then we were done! A first anniversary shoot? Well, at this point...who knows?!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008



The next morning, we decided to shoot one more scene, since we still had the hotel for a few more hours and wanted to take advantage of filming once again. We still had the back drop up, so we only had to put a few tarps on the carpet around the area. We decided to shoot a 'Room Service' type of scene, where I am finished doing the 119 pie thing and I am relaxing, waiting for room service to bring me a steak. Needless to say, the waiter brought some more pies (what did you expect, I am the piegirl and we still had left over supplies!) and proceeded to push my face in them, and then throw the rest at me. There were only 12 in that scene...a mere pittance of pies and mess!

One last shower and finally, we were ready to check out of the hotel. I had one more bag of garbage to dispose of, so I said I would meet hubby at the car while he checked out and packed the car.

Well, as I approached the garbage dumpster, turned out there were others who were interested in my 'Pie For Every Reply' mess! There, standing next to a few garbage bags, were two hotel workers in their uniforms, talking to each other. Oh no, I thought! Don't look guilty or suspicious, I said to myself, you are just taking garbage to the dumpster. As I got closer, they turned towards me and motioned to me. "Look in there!", one of them said, as he nodded towards the inside. "Be careful, there are raccoons in there. We have to clean out the dumpster and get them out. Give me your garbage bag." I peered inside as I extended by arm towards him and handed him the bag. There, sitting in the corner, were 3 little raccoons! They had made a hole in a few of the bags I had thrown out the night before, and were covered with pie crusts and shaving cream! It was all over their faces and mess! They looked so cute, though! It was on their heads and their claws, and some of it was dripping off their chins! Oh my! I laughed at the thought of what the combination of the food and shaving cream would do to their little bodies...bloat and then bam! I hoped that they would be OK! I wished now that I had taken a picture of those little guys to post on the UMD! First animal WAM? Nah, let's not go there!

A funny ending to my messy story!


Saturday, July 12, 2008



The clean up...ugh! What a nightmare. It took almost as long as the set up and the shoot! If I was the type to swear on paper, you would certainly get an eyeful here!

We had prepared as best we could, by putting tarps on the carpeting and walls...that part worked out fine. Even though it took a while, thank goodness we put in that extra time for the set up. If we hadn't, it would have been a disaster. We also made sure we had a room with a kitchenette in it...that gave us the second sink to aid in the disposal of 'the mess'. We thought it would all be fine, but there were a few glitches along the way.

As I mentioned before, we had the type of bathroom where you literally had to enter it, and turn around, in order to close the door. This didn't help make things any easier. We probably should have planned for that better when we rented the room. Another problem was moving the mess from the shooting area to the kitchen and bathroom. First, we had to get the mess out of the kiddie pool and over to the sinks and bathtub...what a pain! Turned out we had to perform a two man bucket brigade (well, one man and a piegirl!). We took the tubs and buckets we had used to mix and pour the slime over me, scooped the slop out of the pool, and then carried it over to the sinks. That seemed to take forever. What a mess...and to think it had been all over me!

Then, we had to deflate the pool and get it into the bathtub, to wash away the last of the stuff. That was like a circus clown scenario! I suppose we could have just thrown the pool away, but we still would have needed to deflate it, in order to fit it into the garbage bag. And gosh, there were so many memories attached to that pool...we just had to keep it! So we needed to clean it there at the hotel, because there would have been some "splaining to do, Lucy", if we took it home full of pie mess and the kids saw that!

Then the sinks began to act slow...well, what did you expect with 119 crusts, shaving cream, syrup, chocolate sauce, cake batter gunge, banana cream, cherry pies, and the like? Finally, we had to scoop up the tarps, spot clean any areas where the mess got on the carpet, clean the counters and put back the furniture. Oh yeah, did I mention somewhere in there, that I had to take a shower?!!

After if was all said and done, there were 8 bags of garbage. Now I am not the type to leave that many bags sitting there for the maid to dispose of. Nor did I want to leave them in the hotel's soiled utility room. I know, we would have been gone, but I didn't want there to be any questions. So we took turns taking the garbage bags outside to the hotel dumpster...I'm sure if security was watching, hubby probably looked pretty maybe some sort of serial pie killer!

We had rented the hotel for another night, so we went out to dinner to celebrate our achievement. It was a great ending to a very eventful day!




Well the big day was here! It was over a month in the planning stages.

We woke up at 7am and started to fill the pie tins with shaving cream. It took about 45 minutes to get that all completed, and to make sure that everything else was ready too. We had two cameras ready (didn't want to chance that something would go wrong if we only had one) and we were excited to begin! What we didn't plan for though, was an overcast, rainy day. What natural light we had hoped to use (in addition to the hotel's lights and what we brought with us), was gone. Oh well, there was nothing we could do about it, we had to move on.

We had talked about how we would coordinate it all, since hubby had to make sure the cameras were working at all times, make sure I was always in the frame, change the back up batteries when needed, hand me the posters, read our extra copy to see if there any additional requests that needed to be followed...AND pie me!

We were ready to start with the first pie! I took a deep breath, smiled and we began. After I was hit, I asked, "How many more are there?!" Ha ha! After that, it went pretty well...extremely well, I might add, for two amateurs doing a massive pie shoot!

It was exciting to 'take a pie' for all the people that had replied...some I had chatted with, others that I recognized from the forum, and some that I did not know at all. And although, I had asked for their preferences (thrown or pushed, on a clean face or messy), it was still very interesting to see the different responses.

Then there was my record breaker...# 79! I had sent him a message, asking if there was anything special that he wanted me to do (um, within reason!) since he was a record breaking 'notch' in my pie history! He added syrup to the mess, and it just kept going from there!

There were some additional requests too...and I tried to accommodate what I could. For some reason, lucky 100 was hubby (hmmm, I think that might have been planned!) and he decided to pour chocolate frosting on me. There were other requests too...cherry pies, banana cream and they went on and on.

I even had a request to get my feet pied! Well that took some doing. Since we knew that the bottom of the pool would be full of mess, by the time we would get to that request, we brought a white plastic chair with us. We put it in the pool and I sat on it as I wiped off my feet. Then I moved up and positioned myself on the back of the chair as I rested my feet on the seat. But I kept slipping off and had trouble keeping my mark! Finally, I was able to hold it long enough to get my feet pied...and then oops, a big slide off! I think I broke the back of the chair! I laughed!

Another interesting one was the cake batter green slime request. It was the first time that I had ever done slime, and I was clued in by a fan to make sure it was nice and warm. Well, it was, and what a feeling! I want to do that again real soon!

All in all, it took two and a half hours to do the 119 pies and was fun, exciting and exhausting! At the end, I sat down in the kiddie pool to just mellow out for a while. I didn't want to think of what was ahead!


Friday, July 11, 2008



It was the day before the shoot. In order to get everything ready, we both decided to take the day off of work. First, I went to the salon and got all ‘dolled up’. I don't know why I paid to do that, since the next day, no one would be able to tell the difference! Then, we lugged up all the supplies from our hiding place in the basement and packed up the car before the kids started swarming around. It felt like we were going on vacation…the car was filled to the gills. Just the boxes of pie crusts alone took up a huge amount of trunk space! Thank goodness we didn’t get 500 replies; we would have had to rent a U Haul!

Then, we got the kids all set, making sure there was enough food in the house to feed the teenagers and money for a fast food meal, if they forgot how to cook! The oldest was going to supervise and spend the night. “So where did you say you guys were going again?” “Uh, I’m not sure. You know it’s one of our milestone anniversaries, and Dad has decided to take me somewhere locally. He wants it to be a surprise.”

We said goodbye and headed on our way, hoping for a safe trip. We already knew that it was going to be a messy one! We could just picture getting pulled over by the cops…“The pie crusts in the trunk, officer? Uh, hard to explain. But if you check out this website…!” We checked into the hotel and laughed as we filled the transport cart with all the supplies. The boxes of pie crusts looked pretty suspicious, so we draped some beach towels over them to get past the front desk without too many looks from the clerk! A few more trips for the rest of the stuff, then finally ‘the white chair’ was brought in through the back door! We kept reminding ourselves that we were going to leave most of it down the drain!

The room was plenty big enough, and we had asked for one with an eastern exposure to take advantage of the morning light. Little did we know, that it would be overcast and rainy all the next day. The room had previously been a smoking room, and you could still smell the lingering scent in the carpet and furniture. But we figured the shaving cream would probably take care of that! The only other challenge was the layout of the bathroom. It was the kind that you had to enter, then turn around and close the door in order to get step in the shower. It was not what you would call 'user friendly'! But we did have a kitchen with a sink, so between the two areas of running water, we hoped that it would be fine.

We decided to get all the supplies ready that night, because we wanted to get up the next day, fill the pie crusts and start the pie barrage. We still needed to get a few other things, so we went out to dinner, then hit the local grocery store to buy the pancake syrup, chocolate syrup, cherry pies, banana cream filling and everything else that we needed to complete the list.

Then we went back to the room and started to set up. This is where we realized a pie wrangler would have been nice to have! Taking off the plastic covers and bending back the sides of 119 plus pie tins was literally a pain. I ended up getting a blister on my thumb, that to this day, instantly reforms every time I get near a pie crust in a tin! I must have sat crossed legged on that hotel floor for hours too. Actually, I did - the preparation ended up taking us nearly 4 hours. We had to move the furniture, tape down the tarps from the shooting area to the bathroom, put up the backdrop, set up the tripod, take the tops off the cans of shaving cream, get the signs in order, blow up the kiddie pool, and get all the extras ready in order of the replies, like the cigar, glasses, syrup, banana cream, chocolate syrup, cake batter, etc. We took a picture of the ‘Wall of Shaving Cream’ as I like to call it – it was amazing to see! We were exhausted, so we called to check in on the kids, then went to bed.


Monday, June 30, 2008



The Pie Crusts

119 replies! That meant we were going to need 119 pie crusts, plus a few extra, to cover breakage or preparation 'oops'. I have to start by giving credit for some of the production costs to a little old lady I met at the dollar store a few months back. I was buying some graham cracker pie crusts and she was standing behind me in line. I think I had about 6 or 8 of them neatly stacked, along with a dozen cans of shaving cream in my basket. She looked in, then up at me and said, "You know, you can get those at Aldi's for 89 cents and sometimes they go on sale for 79 cents." I thought for a moment that she was referring to the shaving cream. I mean, like how could she miss all those cans in my basket? Then she said something about them tasting just as good as the ones at the grocery store. So I quickly deduced, with my quick thinking brain, that she was talking about the pie crusts. In fact, I was almost certain that she didn't eat shaving cream or would ever refer to it as tasty! Hmmm, I wonder when I am old, if someone will deduce that I don't eat shaving cream? Oh, how we tend to label others! I thanked her and said that I would have to check them out if I ever went to Aldi's. Well, thank you again, ma'am, because 119 times the 11 cents that I saved from what they would have cost at the dollar store, bought me more WAM supplies! How nice of you to support my habit!

So I made the trip to Aldi's a few days later to scout out these pie crusts. They must have been prepared for me, or maybe real bakers...there were 4 unopened boxes, each containing 24 pie crusts and some loose ones as well...priced at 89 cents. What a bargain! I went back the next day...should have dragged along the producer/director/pie thrower to assist me. Hmm, wonder if he set that all up? I grabbed the 4 boxes and went to stand in line. I figured that I would have to go to the other Aldi's to get the rest of the pie crusts...didn't want to look to conspicuous. There was one woman in line ahead of me with her daughter. There was only one checkout line open as well. Then, out of nowhere, about 5 people got in was like one of those movies where they rush in from all different angles.

At first, the woman in front of me asked what I was doing with all the pie shells? This is before the rest of the store joined in behind me in line for a look. I had been contemplating what I would say, since I knew that someone might ask me this question. The only way to avoid curious questions would be if I bought crusts in increments of 10 or so, and my time was too precious for that. I wanted to blurt out, "Oh, I am going to get hit with 119 pies and post the pictures on an internet fetish site." Or I could have said that I lost a bet. But instead I decided to preserve a bit of the Piegirl's innocence!

I told this story about how we are having a bakeoff at work every Friday, where we take turns making different pies for sampling. Each week we have a dozen or so pies to taste. It takes us all summer to do it. My assignment was to buy all the pie crusts and distribute them to everybody who was taking part. I thought it was a pretty good story, then she asked me what kind of pie I was going to make? Uh, er, should I tell her shaving cream? Should I tell her that my pie only takes seconds to create and that I am a master at messy pie making? I told her that I hadn't decided yet. She told me to have fun (oh I will, believe me!) then she left and it was my turn. "I have 96 of these," I told the cashier. She smiled...I'm sure she knew the real score! Then as I glanced around, the man and lady behind me ask me what I was doing with all those pie crusts? So I lied again.

The Shaving Cream

Well I loaded the car, and what the heck, I was on a roll, so I stopped at the dollar store to buy some shaving cream. Now I knew that we had about 20 cans at home, so I decided to get 25 more and hey, I thought, let the other guy make a trip for supplies too! More silly questions at the dollar store. "Are you going to clean your carpets?" said this one middle aged woman. Then the checkout guy asked if I was going to 'shave close'? I must have paused for a second with my mouth open, then I just said "No". Man, I should have just told them the truth...couldn't be any more shocking than their questions. There was so much concern that I was going to have clean carpets or get a good shave, that they forgot to double bag my supplies. For a moment I was imagining 25 cans rolling down the parking lot with me running after them!

The Other Stuff

Artists' paper to write the names on, markers, tarps, duct tape, shower curtain liners (these are great, they work like tarps and you can get them at the dollar store too), kiddie pool ("Hey Mom, why did you buy a little pool, we're too old for that?"), buckets, tubs, batteries, lighter, cigar for Lenny, banana pie filling, cake batter and brownie batter, green food coloring, chocolate syrup, paint stir to attach to our drill, a few small cherry pies, maple syrup...oh, and then I hear..."I bought a real nice camera today and some editing software too, oh yeah, and a tripod." What? We still have to rent a hotel room for this shoot. This is starting to cost us...


Monday, June 23, 2008



Wow, June 20th…‘D Day’, or should I say ‘R Day’…’reply day’, was almost here! It was about 11:30 pm, just before the ‘official reply period’ was about to open. I was concerned that someone might try to post their request before the voting officially began and it wouldn’t be counted. I would have felt bad about that, so I decided to open the reply period myself. I posted a message saying:


I wanted to make sure that I opened the voting at exactly 12:01 am. It was a bit of a challenge to make the post came through right at that time, but I did it. I explained the rules once again (since a few didn’t understand it the first time), then I sat back and waited to see who would be the first to reply. I had no idea if there were any viewers out there who were waiting to post, trying to be number one, or what. I thought that this idea would be somewhat successful from the initial response I received when I started the thread. At least I hoped it would be…but it could also be a flop.

Well the UMD was very slow that night (I would like to think it was because of my thread, but who knows!), and as I found out later, the replies were taking a few minutes to register. Consequently, many members were pushing the ‘post’ button a couple of times. When they finally did go through, there were many multiple replies. I tried to contact some of them by sending private messages, asking them to delete their extra entries if they were still in the community. Some got my message and were able to do so. It was exciting to watch the responses add up, but it was also a bit worrisome to see all the multiple posts coming through. I knew I had just created some extra work for the moderators.

The adrenalin was rushing, but I knew that I needed to get some sleep, so I went to bed with a good number of replies under my belt. By the end of the first day, I had 63 requests (not counting multiple posts) and I was thrilled! I knew that I would probably pass my personal pie record. And as I watched that record get broken, I sent a private message to that member, informing him of the feat. One of the members had a great idea that I should do ‘something special’ when my personal record was broken. In fact, there were a lot of unique ideas from the community. I thought it would be cool to let the record breaker decide, so I told him that in my communication to him.

Another milestone was 100, and as we approached that number, my husband decided that he would like to own that piece of the action. So we watched as it came close, and he was successfully able to covet that spot.

The weekend was a bit chaotic, watching the posts and sending messages to the moderators to assist with removing multiple entries. I also had to send messages to some of the members whose choices were not clear, or to those who replied but forgot to give any choices at all! My reply watching became all consuming and overtook my regular life for those 72 hours (I think I fed the kids?!!). When it was nearing the end, I decided that I wanted to be the last to post for my special pie. I watched as the time drew near and made my own reply and closed the voting period. Whew, a sigh of relief, but it was only beginning…

119 replies! 119 pies! I was awestruck! But, oh my, what did I get myself into? There’s so much more that needs to be done…


Monday, June 16, 2008



My husband and I were talking about what type of messy session we were going to plan next, if we were going to take pictures, and if so, would we post those in the forum? Although it’s always exciting to see new pictures of mess, we didn’t want to post the same types of pictures that we had already done before. We wanted to do something different.

We talked about how we liked the community interaction when someone would ask a question and people would respond with their opinions. We thought it would be fun to take that one step further. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what kind of pie in the face was preferred…either thrown at the subject or pushed in the face? What about the mess? Did people like to see the model’s face before she/he received the next pie, or did they prefer the mess upon mess?

Funny how everyone has their own feelings about what turns them on. Personally, I prefer when a pie is pushed in my face and moved upwards towards the top of my head (although I won’t turn down any type of pie coming my way!). I love that sensation. I also prefer the partial coverage look. I like to see the eyes and facial expression of the model if there is more than one pie in the face. Now hubby is the total opposite in his responses. He likes them thrown and piled on, pie after pie, until you can’t if make out what is under all that!

What did the messy community like? Hey, if they voted, we could then thank them by posting their opinions back on the forum! Thus the ‘Pie for Every Reply’ idea was born!

How would we do that? Well, we decided to post our question for a day or so and then tell the forum that we would end the voting period so that we could film their responses. I only wanted the voting to last for a few days but my husband thought that we should let it open for an entire weekend. Then we had to decide on the actual voting time period, so as not to confuse all the members living in the different time zones. We decided to say 12:01 am and figured if we used a time zone like EST, that the members could convert what time that would translate into, for them. We wanted to make this easy to understand and as simple as possible.

We also wanted to give ample time for as many members to see when the voting period would take place since the reply period was going to be limited…not continually out there as other threads that asked for opinions are. I also had friends who traveled and if we only put it out there for immediate voting, they might not be able to take part which would disappoint them.

So on June 5th, I posted the following:


Hi Everybody!

What's this, you ask?

Well, here's how it works:

My smiling face will be on the receiving end of a cream pie (with crust) for every reply that is posted to this thread from:

Friday, June 20th 12:01am (EST)
Monday, June 23rd 12:01am (EST)

I will wear a sexy outfit (like the one shown below) and for every reply, I will hold a sign with the name of the person who replied written on it. I will be pied in the order of how the replies were posted.

You will be allowed the following choices and may include them in your reply:
1) Do you want your pie:
A) Thrown at my face?
B) Pushed in my face?

2) Do you want me to:
A) Wipe off my face before I receive your pie?
B) Leave the previous pie on my face and add your pie to the mess?
(Sorry, only the very first reply will start off with a clean faced showers in between the pies!)

Only one reply per person will count during the 'official reply period', so if you reply more than once, or change your mind about your choices, only the choices from your most recent reply will be used.

After the ‘official reply period’ has ended, I will need about 10-14 days to gather all of my supplies and complete the shoot before I can post all your 'special pie shots'.

In the meantime, you can ask questions, or tell me what your thoughts are about this idea, but remember, official requests for the 'pie for every reply' will only be taken during a 72 hour period from:

Friday, June 20th, 12:01am (EST)
Monday, June 23rd, 12:01am (EST)

I hope not only pie lovers, but all UMD viewers will enjoy this 'social WAM experiment'.


Psssst!...My personal ‘pie in the face’ record is 78!

I thought it read pretty clear, but as soon as I posted, I began to get replies from members who were trying to submit their votes immediately. So I went right back in and added ‘June 20th-June 23rd’ to the title of the thread and added some ‘ONLY’ words to the body of the original post. I still had a few that did not understand, who kept posting their choice, so I had to restate when the voting period was. Mostly though, I had some really good ideas and suggesstions about what to do if/when I broke my record of 78, as well as other unique opinions about the topic.

Well, the voting period starts in 4 days and I can’t wait to see how many ‘pies in the face’ I am going to be receiving!


Monday, June 9, 2008



So the piegirl was born. And I have been asked many did I get to where I am now?

Well my husband, the original WAMMER in our relationship, used to (and still does) frequent the quite often. One day I caught him checking out pictures on the messy forum. I was kind of curious and somewhat astonished that there was actually a site devoted to messy and wet fetishes. Don’t know why he didn’t tell me earlier. Quite possibly, since I had just evolved, he didn’t want to spring it on me while I was 'on my journey'. I think he was kind of afraid to put all his eggs in one basket, so to speak.

Anyway, I started to look at the site, first with him, then on my own. It became more and more the norm for me…one more erotic feather in the piegirl’s cap. I started to chat too, which was also fun, since there were not a lot of girls in the chat room and I attracted a bit of attention…another feather!

Well as things progressed, and hubby saw the piegirl take on even more unique qualities, he inquired about the possibility of posting some pictures of me on the forum. I was not really interested at the time. I had just had another baby, and was not real happy with the state of affairs of my body. I guess that everyone is their own worst critic though. But he kept telling me that I looked fine. Yeah well, guys will tell you anything when they want something bad enough!

That was just the first stumbling block. I had never taken any pictures before, except just a few for him...and I still felt shy showing myself in public. (I know some of you are chuckling about my declaration of being shy...stop it!) It was one thing to look and chat, but to put myself out there, well that was a whole different story. I didn't want to take pictures for the intent of submitting them on the forum, so hubby suggested posting some of our private ones that we had on file. Reluctantly I agreed, and we posted a few, mostly fuzzy ones though, since they were off an old video tape. I was relieved that they didn’t show my face too clearly. It was strangely exciting to see me there, and I actually got a few encouraging comments which helped to feed the ego. So I posted a few more and just hung around and chatted.

I was getting requests to submit more pictures, but there was still something in the back of my head that needed to secure my anonymity. I was a mom, involved in many school and community activities. I was a nurse that worked for a large health care organization. I was a daughter, sister, friend, mother…I felt too vulnerable. So I kept to the status quo.

And then it happened. I was at a local store with my youngest child and I had just put some (well, more than some) shaving cream in the shopping cart. I felt a strange presence and turned around to see a man standing behind me. He started to come closer, then asked why I was buying all that shaving cream and what was I going to do with it? I am usually a pretty friendly conversationalist with people I meet, but I did not answer him and started to push my shopping cart through the store. He began to follow me and I could have sworn that he asked me if I was PGKay…the name that I was using on the chat sites at the time. So I scooped up my son, left the shopping cart there and quickly exited the store. I was shaking when I got into the car and drove away. I called my husband to let him know what had happened.

And then the air deflated out of the piegirl. I was not the same. The fun and fantasy of my fetish life had crossed over into the real world, with a real person. I was scared and jolted back to reality. So I retreated and I left the UMD and other sites and stayed away for a while. My husband tried to explain what had happened to those who inquired, and all the while, he kept telling me that people asked about me and that my friends missed me. It was hard for me to let go, but it was what I had to do at the time. I had so much to focus on with my busy life, that I tried not to think about it. I still WAMMED with my husband, but that was the extent of the piegirl activities. And I didn’t buy supplies anymore…that was up to him.

Well, time went by and I was still WAMMING and hubby was still enjoying the UMD. It was ok by me, I was exactly where I wanted to be, in my comfort zone, although I did miss chatting with the friends that I had made. But who were these friends…and had one of them pushed a bit too far? I’ll never know for sure, maybe my ears were playing tricks on me when I thought I heard the guy ask me if I was PGKay. But I do know one thing. I can’t explain it fully, but I am certain that the guy was not one of the UMD friends that I had met and chatted with.

Fast forward a few years to now. I am older, but still a piegirl at heart. And then I had a trigger…two in fact. A good friend’s father passed away and I went to his funeral. It was very powerful and moving. So many people got up and spoke about his zest for life, how he embraced every minute of every day. They talked about his transformation from a man to an extraordinary human being. Then my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, a very traumatic and body altering experience...and something hit me. I had heard it many times before, as so many others had, that life is too short not to live the way you want. That you should hold on tight to all that makes you you, and to all that is important to you.

I felt fulfilled in many aspects of my life. In my career as a nurse, I knew that I had impacted so many people’s lives for the better, and for that I was very proud. In my marriage and with my kids, I was happy as well. But I was still hiding my WAM life. Oh I knew that I would never be in a position to ever let it out in public to its fullest extent...and I wouldn’t want to. But I could still go back to the UMD and YIM and enjoy myself there. I was more mature now and better able to handle the bumps that went along the way.

Then the dam let loose! I decided to post a few pictures of myself covered with pie. My thinking was, that I was not getting any younger, and my time for doing something like that was limited. There was also something about posting pictures out there that appealed to me, to my legacy. Maybe it had to do with my friend’s father, or maybe I saw how my sister’s life changed in a few short weeks. Maybe when you get older, it’s easier to do the things that you would have never thought to do before; things that you were reluctant to do because you were worried about what other people might think.

And writing, I had always wanted to write and journal for the longest time, but had never made the time…too many excuses, too much to do. So I decided to start writing about my return to the UMD and my WAMMING experiences and insights. I made myself sit down and write. Hence the blog was born.

I began to post more, and chat more, and write weekly blogs. and answer emails...and my WAM life started to overtake my regular life. I would sit at work thinking about the next set of pictures I was going to post, and I would go straight home from work and check the forum or chat, even if I only had a few minutes to do so. And I started to show my face and more of myself in my posts as well.

It became all consuming. I kidded with my husband that if I didn’t have to work, I would stay at home and plan my next pie session! Whoa! Slow down girl. Get it all together. Life is short, but I was packing it in, constantly…living on just 3 hours of sleep. I was already drowning in my first life, trying to juggle a busy family, work and home life. And now I had just added a whole second life on top of it. I wasn’t just juggling those 3 balls; I was juggling the machete, the ax and the bowling pin! My addiction needed to be managed, or my regular life did…maybe both.

So I thought it over and I started to make some changes. And it has taken a bit of an adjustment, a few tweaks along the way, but I think I’ve got it down now, I think it's under control. At least I hope so!

Monday, June 2, 2008



Well, I didn't always do what I do. In fact, even when I started to do what I do, I never really did first. It all began something like this...

"A fantasy? Sure, I'd like to hear about it. Go ahead and tell me."


"So let me get this straight. You like to be hit in the face with a cream pie or a pie made of shaving cream, right? Really! So how often do you do this?"


"Wow, that often? And this excites you sexually?"


"No, it doesn't turn me off. Just never thought a pie in the face was sexual, that's all."


"What? You want me to do that to you now? Well...ok. How do I do it? Do I throw it or push it? Are you sure I won't hurt you?"


"Ok, here goes."


"Did I hurt you? You look kind of strange."


"It's just amazing, that's all. So someone pies you that often?"


"Seriously, you pie yourself? No, I'm not shocked; I guess I'm just naive. So then, after you are pied, do you, um...?"




"What do I think? Well, it really doesn't turn me on, but hey, that's your fantasy, that's cool."

The next time the subject is brought up...

"Not just one pie, but a lot of them? And rub them all over yourself? You like to be totally covered? Sounds more like a fetish than a fantasy."

Some months later...

"You want to pie my face? But my clothes will get all messed up. Well, just on my face then, and just one. Try not to mess up my hair."


"Ouch, that kind of hurt and it burns. It's hard to breathe. I can't believe you like this so much."

Then several months later...

"I don't know. Last time it got in my ears too. Why don't we just stick to pieing you?"

Way later...

"Well sure, why not, I need to take a shower anyway."

Even later...

"Yeah, I remember the 3 Stooges pie fights and the scene from The Great Race. That was cool to watch. Yeah, I might like to try something like that. It seems like fun!"

Getting close to being a piegirl...

"Hey, let's go out to dinner, and then afterward we can come back here and have a pie session!"


"I've been thinking about the next time that we pie. I am going to wear my black lingerie, nylons and high heels. We can mess each other all up and have fun afterwards!"


"Hey, when are we going to pie next? I can't wait! It really turns me on! I think about it a lot. I really LOVE it!"



Monday, May 26, 2008


Even a piegirl needs a break!

Just enjoying the holiday chillin' with the family, playing Guitar Hero, roller blading, going to the movies...and pieing of course!

See ya next blog,


Monday, May 19, 2008


They met in a chat room and quickly became friends. There was an immediate connection, a certain cadence that was hard to describe. They were interested in the same things, the same fantasies too, but it was more than just that. They could talk with ease on a humorous and intellectual level yet still be flirtatious and playful. Their time spent together was intermittent at best, with a brief period when she had left and they had lost contact with each other. But she was back now, and it was almost as if they had never missed a beat.

Things moved quickly and they returned to their familiar ways. It was exciting, fresh and somehow new again. He had been asking her, as others had, for private pictures and webcams. Yet she had always been reluctant to break off that little piece of herself and offer it up. At times she would think, I walk around every day and hundreds of people see my face… what’s the harm in showing a picture to someone who I actually talk to and like? So she did.

She emailed him one of her favorite photos. And while she was in a different type of moment, not weak, but more sensual, she sent him an erotic picture of herself. He went wild with surprise and pleasure, and she could feel a special closeness growing between them. She loved how it made her feel and wanted to connect with him again.

A few days later, she went on line and he was there, but he was different. He was distant when responding to her questions, and even denied being preoccupied or evasive when she asked him about it. Then he said that he had to leave and he signed out. She was puzzled by his response to her; but she knew that she needed to let it go. There could be so many extraneous things going on in his life, she thought, she shouldn’t assume that he didn’t want to talk with her. She left him an offline message a few days later, asking if he was OK, hoping that they could talk soon…and she waited.

Soon they were back on track and everything appeared fine. She told him how she felt that night when it seemed like he was avoiding her, and he told her that it had been a bad time for him to talk. She said that they needed to communicate more openly about things like that, and he agreed and promised that he would. Then he asked her to have a naked webcam, but she said no.

While talking with him the following night, and feeling a special closeness, she told him what it felt like when she sent him the pictures of herself. It was something she had never done before, for anyone, and she still couldn’t believe that she did it. She had put herself out there; it was a new level of intimacy for her. Then she told him that she had a surprise for him. Sitting on her bed, topless, she turned on her webcam and reached for a can of shaving cream. It was a wonderful feeling, exciting and sexual…a new experience for her! She sprayed it all over her face and breasts and rubbed it around as he watched with enjoyment!

The next morning, she found him on line and he invited her to view his webcam, but suddenly, he shut it down and signed out. Then it started all over again. She left him an offline message asking what had happened. No response. She sent him another stating that she hoped that they could soon talk. No response. Finally she left him another message saying that she had some special pictures just for him, if he ever decided to contact her! And he finally replied, “OK…email em.” So she shot back a message and blasted him by suggesting that his response was less than acceptable. At least he could have said “Hey, how you doing?” or “Sorry I didn’t respond to your offline messages...had a bad week.” She would never treat anyone the way that he was treating her. What had she done wrong?

She was hurt and confused, so she wrote back and told him so. And she kept thinking about the webcam. She wasn’t regretting her decision to do it, and she didn’t feel used, just disappointed in herself for opening up her heart like that. It’s always been easy to reveal my feelings, she thought, but my heart…

He finally contacted her a week later. She apologized for shooting straight from the hip, but that was her, always her. She said that too many people try to hide their emotions and their lives move on without others really knowing how they feel…and that she never wanted to be that way. He told her that maybe they needed to learn to read each other’s moods better. Then she asked him what else was wrong. So he told her. She was coming on too strong…that it seemed like she was ‘going for broke’. She was confused. Hadn’t he been the one who asked her to send pictures, to join him in a webcam, and in the past, expressed an interest in meeting her in person for some messy role play?

Hadn’t they always talked about that special something between them? And then he said it…that he talked with a lot of people online, but to no one exclusively. She reeled from the blow as if she had been punched in the stomach. Righting herself and her thoughts, she apologized for spending so much time trying to sort it all out. Then he told her that the conversation was getting tedious. She became quiet, reflective and sad. I don’t understand, she thought, but if that’s how he feels, then there is nothing I can do. It’s his loss, it really is. And someday, when he finally realizes it, it will be too late. He will miss me, she said to herself, and I will miss him. So she told him that she would leave it all up to him…that the next move would be his…whenever he was ready. And he said OK. Then she said goodbye.

Slowly she took off her high heels, first one, then the other, then walked to the closet and placed them in the shoebox. She pulled down the straps of her lace body stocking and rolled the rest of it down towards the floor, gently kicking it into the corner. Grabbing her familiar soft t-shirt and a pair of clean panties, she returned to the bed and put them on. She unclipped the webcam from the top of the laptop and slowly wrapped the cord around her hand, then placed it back in the box, still lying in the bottom of the shopping bag. She shut down the computer and closed the lid.

Carefully she reached with her right hand and gently tugged at her left sleeve, removing her heart from its recent dwelling place. She looked at it, as it lay quietly in her hand, and squeezed it ever so gently, hoping to awaken it. It was alive, but would not stir. Slowly she placed it back inside her, in a place that it had never been before…a box, with a hinged lid, with tiny holes on top to allow it to breathe, but never to gulp fresh air…and a lock, to prevent it from ever going out into the sunlight to get burned.

Monday, May 12, 2008


“Hi PieGirl, what’s up,
so glad I can greet you!”
“Hey yes, doin' fine,
it’s sure nice to meet you!”

“So do you have time now
to PM with me?”
“Oh yes, I would love to,
let’s talk now, I’m free.”

“You busy with some
in the main chat room too?”
“Yes I can talk there
and still chat here with you.”

“Where from, are you married
and how old are you?”
“Yes married, from Michigan
and 40’s, it’s true.”

“What WAM are you into
and what do you like?”
“I’m ‘PieGirl’ by trade
but all mess is all right.”

“And what about cyber,
you do that as well?”
“You bet that I do
and it’s sexy as Hell!”

“Are you sure, real sure
that your husband won’t mind?”
“He’s cool with that, yes,
he is one of a kind.”

“I’ve seen all the pics
that you post on the forum.”
“Thank you, glad to share,
I will keep posting more then.”

“Then how ‘bout a few,
will you send them to me?”
“I’m still a bit shy,
but maybe you’ll see.”

“Your face and your body
and naked ones too?”
“Well, face for right now
and that’s all that I’ll do.”

“And how ‘bout some web cams,
all naked and messed?”
“Well not right just yet,
have to trust you, I guess.”

“So meeting and messing
is out of the question?”
“Not really, it’s cool,
if I give the direction.”

“So crossing the line to have sex,
will that do?”
“Don’t push me, I’m married,
and happy, it’s true.”

“Your blog, I liked reading
the things that you said.”
“I love writing down
all the thoughts in my head!”

“So vid caps…does that mean
a film that you’ll share?”
“Not sure, if I do
then I’ll make you aware.”

“Well PieGirl, take care,
it was sure nice to chat!”
“Same here, see you later,
we’ll make sure of that!”

Monday, May 5, 2008


Trying to hide your secret WAM life from the kids while you are on the computer is a whole different scenario. It's like being a game show contestant – you have to have 'the fastest finger'!

You must first set everything up to cover yourself. I start with the alternate, 'innocent screen', which in my case is a realtor site. This helps to explain why I am on the computer for so long. Since I am 'looking for houses', I need to look at the media files of every single room of every single house that I view. Of course, I haven't found that perfect house yet which is why I am on the computer on a daily basis!

But I know that my kids aren't stupid, they have been Internet savvy for years. So I hide the tool bar as well…would hate for one of them to come next to me to ask me a question, glance at the bottom and see 'Ultimate Messy Direct…' I'm sure that they have tried to look on purpose before. I once heard my daughter say "You're always looking at that black and blue screen, Mom." It made me ask one of the moderators once if I was able to change the background colors from my end! No go. Guess I need to sharpen my reflexes a little more.

The main family computer is out of the question. Anyone can sit there and see what you are doing. I remember when my newly teen aged daughter first went on IM, I would sit on the other side of the room while she chatted. She thought that I was too far away from her to read her IM chats. Little did she know that while she was chatting with her friends, I was sitting innocently on the couch, facing her back, with my binoculars up to my face, reading every word! That's where I developed my quick reflexes! Bad mom! Well, I always told my kids that you never really know who is reading those conversations, and to chat with your friends like their parents are standing over their shoulder. She never knew that on her end it was me! I'm also proud to say that I never got caught!

That leaves the laptop and thank goodness for that. I don’t want to look too suspicious, so I move it around the house and try to be as visible as possible. You just can't be away in the bedroom with the door closed for long periods of time, especially during the day, without someone raising some questions. So I'll go in the bedroom for a while, or in the kitchen or in the corner of the living room where no can sit behind me with binoculars!

There are so many things that I need (have? want? wish?) to do on the computer to support this WAM lifestyle, like browse the different sites, chat in the UMD or on YIM... sometimes both, send pm's or emails, choose and post a picture or send a reply, even share a web cam. Then I have to put on my 'mom face' at home and multitask with the family.

...browsing on my computer
Door bursts open as my daughter walks in the room. "Mom, where are you?"
...innocent screen up
"Right here."
"What are you doing?" as she lays across the bed to talk.
"Oh just looking at houses again."
(My bad, lying to the kid.)
"Well I'm not worried about it; we're never going to move. You've been looking at houses forever."
(Well yes I have, and I've been a WAMMER forever too, you know...well then again, you don't know.)
"Well I'm going tanning, and then to Jessica's house for the night. Bye."
"OK, call me later, be careful driving."
She gets up, kisses her bad mom and leaves.
...screen down

'Knock knock', the door opens as my son comes in to talk.
(Well at least this one knocks.)
...screen up
"I was wondering if I could have (it’s never a loan) some money to go bowling with the guys? Then afterwards, we're going to stay over Tommy's house and play Guitar Hero. You don't have to drive this time (This time? It's usually every time.). We've got it all arranged."
"Take a ten from my wallet, and call me later when you get to his house."
"OK, thanks Mom, love you."
"Love you too honey. Have fun. Bye."
...screen down as he exits

"Hey Mom?"
...screen up
beep, beep, beep....the unique signature sound of an IM reply
I scurry to turn off the volume button (Whew that was close.)
"Yes, in here."
Son sits down on the chair next to me and lays his head back like he is going to take a nap.
(This might take a while, he is planting roots in that chair and I am right in the middle of something. Everyone's going to think I am rude for not responding.)
"What's up?"
"Nothing just tired. Not looking forward to the drive back to college. Got the car all packed. Thanks for doing my laundry and making all those extra meals for me to take back...I really do appreciate it...dorm food is terrible."
(See, I am a good mom!)
"No problem, honey. Maybe you should go lie on the couch in the other room and take a nap. I don't want you to drive back when you are tired."
"I'll be OK."
(They think they are infallible.)
"I'll probably be back in 2 weeks. I'm going to go. Tell everyone I said goodbye. Love you, Mom."
Stands up then leans over and gives his good mom a kiss and a hug.
(I swear he was trying to look for the toolbar.)
"I love you too. Call me when you get there and be careful."
Leaves the room.
...screen down

"Hey Mom, Mom!"
...screen up again
"Mitchell asked me to spend the night at his house. Can I go?"
"Are you sure it's OK with his mother?"
"Yes, yes, she said it's fine."
"Well, I have to call her about something later (not WAM related of course) and I'll make sure that it is. Get your toothbrush and pillow. Are you going to sleep in your clothes again?"
"Yes, everybody does it. You don't wear pajamas at a friend's house."
(Growing up so quickly.)
"OK, have fun."
"Thanks, I love you."
"Me too."
Races out of the house.
...screen down

Wait a minute; there are no kids in the house! Quick, grab the shaving cream and the pie crusts. Get the camera. Time's a wasting!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Finding time to keep a relationship healthy can be a struggle for any couple during the stress of their everyday lives.

...Finding time when you have kids is even more difficult.
...Finding time to WAM when you have kids, adds another dimension to that challenge.
...Finding time to WAM, film and take pictures when you have kids is an arduous feat.

But, finding time for all of the above when you have teenagers, is well, nearly impossible.

Hiding it from the kids has become a carefully calculated equation, almost an art form, if you will.

It was easy when they were small. You could put them to bed at 8 o'clock and pretty much be guaranteed a night without interruptions. Not so now, when they are older and so full of...wisdom! It just doesn't involve closing a bedroom door anymore. First of all, they stay up for an ungodly amount of time, so waiting for them to go to bed takes forever. Then there are the other interruptions - like one of them coming in to ask a question, or calling you on their cell phone, or wondering 'what you are doing in there for so long?'

There always seems to be something or someone getting caught up in the mix. You have to be able to plan quickly, yet be flexible and understanding enough to give it up at a moment's notice.

Concealing your actions is another tour de force. You can’t just throw things away haphazardly, because 2+2=3 when there are 5 cans of shaving cream in the bathroom basket and dad has a beard.

Then there is the 'scent of suspicion'. “Mom, why does the house smell like peanut butter?” or “Why are all the fans running and the windows open when it is 40 degrees outside?”

And the camera! Where is the camera? Did somebody borrow it? Did we erase everything from it? God I hope so.

It's a constant vigil. Occasionally, we even have to resort to taking a day off from work...and then the phones still ring or someone knocks at the door! Sometimes, you can't win for losing.


Monday, April 21, 2008


Well that was interesting AND fun!

I decided to shoot a video with this WAM session. Usually I don't like to see myself on film, but this one turned out pretty good. I had a few humerous interjections that I think added to the personality of the shoot. I liked was me!

The marshmallow fluff was pretty sticky and the peanut butter was a bit heavy on top of it. The best part though (or at least the best tasting part), was the chocolate frosting pies...I am SUCH a chocoholic...and a WAMMER of course! I couldn't get enough of them. And of course, to top off my special sandwich recipe, I added bread! A UMD first...bread WAM! It was whole wheat, so it was healthy!

The set up and clean up took longer than the actual shoot. But after it was all done, I was exhausted and exhilarated!

It was fun to see the responses. Some told me that they liked the total mess while others said that they liked the partial coverage of my face...better to see my expressions. Personally, I like the partial coverage pictures, where there are streaks of mess on my face and in my hair. I think it looks pretty sexy...while still showing a bit of me.

Speaking of responses, one WAMMER said that I inspired him to recreate my recipe on himself! "If I can help just one person with my posts...!"

Well, this 'special sandwich' will see you soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Since returning to the UMD, I have been spending a lot of time chatting...chatting in the UMD chat room...chatting on Yahoo IM...chatting through email and private messages. I've made some new friends as well as reconnected with some old ones. It has been fun, flattering and addictive!

Sometimes I'll be in the UMD chat room with 6 or so PMs going...makes my head spin! And some of the people I umm, chat with can get pretty 'intense'! I want to make sure that I am giving everyone my personal attention while still keeping track of what's going on in the main room.

I like the feel of the main room chat. When the group is lively and everyone is interacting and on the's very exciting! I like my responses to be the same, but intelligent and humorous as well. These are parts of my personality that not many people know about, or see. I like to watch their reaction and surprise when they begin to put those pieces of me together. It's hard to explain, but it intoxicates me in a strange sort of way when I know that I kind of WOWed them...because they really never expected that out of me!

Ooh, look what time it is...I need to chat!!! gtg...ttyl...

See ya,


Monday, April 7, 2008


Well, the response to my first post was amazing! I was so suprised and pleased! I was getting so excited that I wanted to post again and soon. What an adrenaline rush!

Early Sunday morning, after being up almost 20 hours, we began shooting the 'Mountain of Mess' as I like to call it. We used 12 cans of chocolate frosting (we've got to find a place to get it cheaper than Kroger), 12 graham cracker pie tins and I don't know how many cans of shaving cream!

I put on my black bra, black hose and high heel shoes (I call them my horizontal shoes!) and took some test shots of my virgin face...then the fun began!

First I smeared the frosting all over my face, then body. I kept scooping it out of the bowl and putting it all over myself. It was a cool feeling and very tasty too! A chocoholic's dream fantasy!

Next came the shaving cream pies, one after another--they wouldn't stop. I was creaming as well! What a feeling to rub all that gooey mess all over!

Well, we took about 95 shots in all and after looking at the finished results I was pretty pleased. We posted a set of 3, one of my virgin face (which I thought looked stunning because I usually don't like how I look in pictures), one with frosting on me that I thought looked pretty hot, and then the 'Mountnain of Mess' picture.

The response was great so we posted some more of the frosting shots. Then we had dinner plans with some friends of ours that we haven't seen for a while. I couldn't stop thinking about my pics and what was happening on the forum. I wanted to leave the table and check the through my phone, but I controlled myself. That made the ride home almost unbearable! I was so excited, I almost didn't make it! And again I was amazed at the response. So we posted the rest of the frosting ones.

I was in torture at work today, because the firewall blocks sites like the and I wanted to see what was going on. Finally I got home late (of course, Murphy's Law) and saw the awesome response. Enough tease with the frosting pictures, I sent them the shaving cream pie ones...first set of course!.

Tomorrow I will send the last of the 'Mountain of Mess' and Jay thinks I should post a clean, full face one at the end.

I don't know...I'm still camera shy...would ya think?!

Talk to you soon.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Hi Everybody!

It's my first WAM post and also my birthday! Last night I posted pics on the forum too - haven't done that in years. What a week I'm having!!!

So I thought I'd write down some of my thoughts now that I'm back and WAM I AM!!!

It was fun but scary when I put my pictures up. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I would get. I hoped that some of the old guys would remember me and the new ones would like what they saw.

Well, they didn't disappoint me. I got some nice comments and replies. Makes me happy to know that I'm still wanted.

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
I've decided to wear my birthday cake,
Just maybe you'll see!

PGKay is back!!!